Hello everyone!!

This is my first genealogy blog. I’m in high school and I have this project that can be on anything. Since I loved it so much, I choose to do my family history and I was going over the guidelines for it and I found that I can do a blog for it . So it was the perfect push I needed to start blogging.

I’m researching my fathers side of the family since my mom has already done hers. My fathers paternal side goes back to Oslo Norway but the maternal side is yet to be uncovered. Fortunately my Grandmother was able to save a notebook from her mom and it is the genealogy jack pot.


3 thoughts on “Hello everyone!!

  1. This will be wonderful! You are starting at a great age – you probably still have many of the older generations to talk with. Interview them about their lives. If you asked many of us much-older genealogists about our regrets – they would mostly involve not having asked that parent or grandparent about their lives. Just the ordinary things will be so unusual in a few years. Go for it – I’ll be following you!

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