In the note book my grandmother was able to save, I found this folded piece of paper, mostly written in Spanish, upon having some of it translated it revealed that  Louis C. Allen was born in Algeria, N. Africa. Raising the question; why was my great great grandmother’s place of birth was listed here? Well I continued to translate it (or at least bits and pieces of it) and found that its was a passport. So I figured that she had visited Mexico. Inside the passport was a small card with a picture and the caption: Madonna and child. Not knowing what it was I did what any sensible teenager would, I asked my mom (because she knows everything). She said that it was a prayer card and that she was more than likely Catholic and carried it around because it made her feel safe. Later my dad had seen it and said that Madonna was another way to say Mary and that it was supposed to be mother Mary and Jesus. Wanting to verify this  I asked my grandma about it and she said that I was mostly right but she had lived there for a bit rather than just visited.



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