Day Three (The Final Day) Jamboree

Today was the last day of the conference, so it ended early but we still learned a lot. I went to two classes the first was on Writing your Family history and the second was showing your family history through Prezi. If you haven’t heard of Prezi before, its amazing site that is used for presentations but is also helpful in explaingin your genealogy to others. Anyway I had about an hour between my classes so my mom and I went to the exhibit hall and ran into a friend.


and our friend Maria and this was her first genealogy conference! I hope she had fun and decides to come back next year!

photo 2


Day Two Jamboree

Today was so much fun my first class of the day was on State Archives, at first I thought it would be kinds boring but I went there and I turned out to be very interesting I had no idea that every state had an archive or that they digitized some of their documents. I also went to the bloggers summit they have here every year. I was really cool to get advice from other, more well known bloggers. Plus afterwards all the blogger got together and took a picture. While I am not in the picture I had the honor of take it with my mom’s cell phone. 


Later in the day my mom and I attended Cyndi Ingle’s class called The Internet A Genealogist’s Printing Press. It was very informative about the different ways to publish your work on the internet. My mom and I got there early so we could get good seat, so while we were waiting we took some pictures.

photo 1

Day One Jamboree

So The first day of this conference was AMAZING!!!! Even though I had to come in late because of summer school. I was still able to catch some classes like Lisa Louise Cook’s class about the best Google search strategies! She had some amazing tips and tricks for when you uses Google for Genealogy! She even wrote a book on it, called The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox It was so helpful I also got a lot of great tips and ideas from some friends from last year that helped me with my elusive great grandfather. Plus my mom and I also had dinner at the restaurant here at the hotel, proving the saying Sleep, eat, research, repeat to be a valid practice.