Wordless Wednesday

Henry and Melissa Byrum


Who knew school and genealogy could mix?

My health teacher assigned a family history project and she said we could go back as far as we want… She does not know what she has gotten her self into. We can present our family in what ever way we want so I’m torn between using Prezi and a normal Slide show. I am also torn on which line I should show, I know more about my grandfathers line but My grandmothers line has more interesting stories. Decisions decisions. However no matter what I choose It gives my an excuse to crack out this beauty and finally get some research done with all my home work I haven’t been able to recently. I really excited!!!


Conference Day Three

Today was the last day of conference! It was sad to see everyone go but I had an amazing time, all the classes were amazing! I learned so much not only about my great grandfather but about genealogy in general. Conferences offer so much for all different types of genealogists! So if your thinking about attending conference, here is my advice: GO! Go as soon as you can, conference is only of the most amazingly wonderful experiences ever!!!


Day Three (The Final Day) Jamboree

Today was the last day of the conference, so it ended early but we still learned a lot. I went to two classes the first was on Writing your Family history and the second was showing your family history through Prezi. If you haven’t heard of Prezi before, its amazing site that is used for presentations but is also helpful in explaingin your genealogy to others. http://prezi.com/ Anyway I had about an hour between my classes so my mom and I went to the exhibit hall and ran into a friend.


and our friend Maria and this was her first genealogy conference! I hope she had fun and decides to come back next year!

photo 2